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Landscape design is one of three services that Jesse utilizes to create a cohesively luxurious envionment no matter where you stand on the grounds. This concept is centred around the seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating the feeling of every custom home he designs extending to every corner of the property.

However, the luxury we are referring to doesn’t come from the expense of materials or features. Instead, it is use of the master-planning capabilities that offer the opportunity to perfect the cohesive environments we are known for. It is about what you see through the floor to ceiling windows Jesse tastefully incorporates into his custom home designs, whether that be a pool or an outdoor lounge that makes your backyard feel like an extension of your living room for example.

Our landscape design services focus on a range of stylistic disciplines, and a range of unique amenities that we have gained specific experience in implementing. Some of these amenities include pool design, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplace and lounge spaces, pizza ovens, guest houses and garden suites, and boat houses. In addition to this, Jesse’s love for horticulture is the impetus behind our detailed plant selections and planting plans, garden lighting plans, and unique hardscape plans.

No matter what the scope, our landscape design services focus on the “missing piece of the puzzle” that most custom home designers fail to recognize as being an integral part of a refined living experience.




Sun studies are very much the foundation of Jesse’s design process, and this is especially true when it comes to landscape design plans. By completing an initial sun study, Jesse is able to accurately determine the most advantageous positions for outdoor amenities including pools and the effect of the light they reflect on different facades, outdoor tanning areas, and specific species of trees and shrubbery that require full sun.



The exciting stage of sketching and design exploration starts with Jesse Sahlani working closely with you to understand your aesthetic vision and stylistic preferences, as well as your hobbies, family structure, entertaining needs and unique functionality requirements. As Jesse sketches, he is laying out the position of exterior amenities and gardens, thinking about the locations each and how to maximize the indoor/outdoor connection. From there, Jesse will sketch your custom home design piece by piece including site plans, floor plans, and exterior perspective elevations, all while taking the sun's positions at different times of day into consideration in order to maximize natural light. Through a series of collaborative meetings, we develop highly functional and stylistically timeless custom home sketch concepts.




To provide you with a clear visual representation of the proposed landscape design, we create detailed preliminary 3D models. These models allow you to gain a realistic understanding of the aesthetics and spatial relationships within the design, giving you a glimpse of how your exterior amenities will function once built. Your feedback is crucial during this stage, as we actively refine the landscape design to bring Jesse’s initial sketch to life. This phase also gives Jesse the opportunity to critique, refine, and optimize the indoor/outdoor connection until the exterior amenities feel like an extension of your interior spaces. This phase also allows us to design your garden lighting to enhance the evening and early morning ambience that supports the desired environment.



As your custom home designer, our commitment to bringing your home design to life goes beyond sketches and preliminary models. Our rendering technology allows us to create photorealistic 3D models that showcase every detail of your landscape design at different times of day. These immersive visuals provide a realistic preview of the finished project, making it easier for you to make informed decisions and envision your future home. Every detail comes into question, allowing us to weigh its significance and impact in the grand scheme of the overall environment we are trying to create. These high quality visualizations also serve as a visual reference of what the final home design will look like for contractors, helping them understand the vision through a highly detailed visual reference that they can use to self-regulate their work. These 3D renders offer everyone a clear understanding of the design drawings whether it is for intentionally detailed, or charmingly simple design projects.






Our firm will carefully assess the decisions made through the design process to ensure the composition of each landscape design plan is both practical and design forward. We see our plans as a body of work, reviewed and developed to include standards that make the construction process as smooth as possible. Everything from detailed notes, to planting instructions, to elaborate stone shop drawings that we use to explain the more complex details, we work hand in hand with our construction partners and craftsmen to ensure the landscape design is both efficient and respectful of our design vision.




When we design a custom home, we feel the responsibility of stewardship as we know that our designs will characterize the surrounding neighbourhood for decades to come. It is for this reason that we continue our involvement through the construction process to as high of a degree as required to achieve the design vision. We are able to provide everything from simple drawing explanations and clarifications, to site review meetings, as well as additional section details providing sequential construction instructions.



Jesse Sahlani’s design process always starts with a sun study, and sketches of the floor plans, exterior elevations and perspective views, as well as the interior perspective views. His ability to sketch has proven to be the discerning difference in his ability to develop timeless home designs, allowing him to explore a range of diverse design styles creatively and accurately through his own lens. For our clients, sketching creates a highly engaging, creative, and collaborative environment that lays a strong base of understanding for the rest of the detailed design process.

While Jesse is a great sketch artist, our firm also specializes sophisticated 3D modeling that we have become known for that we use to build on Jesse’s artistic foundation, bringing the home to life accurately. This level of detailed visualization allows Jesse and his team to critique, refine, and perfect every detail of the home both inside and out. When you approach a home’s design from this perspective your thoughts about each detail, and their weight in the scheme of the total design, changes significantly. The result is that our firm focuses on the creation of an environment you want to experience over and over, and not just a custom home design.




The intent behind every project that Jesse commits to is shaped by the belief that every structure we are responsible for designing should be timeless. To achieve this, Jesse focuses on the creation of unique proportions, as well as the use of materials that stand the test of time. Jesse scrutinizes every detail and refines aspects of his design that most would never think to question, but to Jesse this is a sweeping process that has to be undertaken in order to stand out amongst the ranks of custom home designers in hopes of serving as an aesthetic reference for future generations.

This approach considers much more than enticing renderings, it is an approach that only a designer who is in control of the entire design process can execute. It is through these principles that Jesse Sahlani is able to the create an environment that you want to experience over and over again, as this in his eyes is the truest form of luxury architectural design. To achieve this he utilizes custom home design, interior design, and landscape design.

Made possible by our range of in-house service offerings , this in depth review of your project will give you a clear understanding of costs, timelines, our process, and examples of our work.

Our team will assess and review the following project components with you:

You will receive the following:
  • Zoning Study
  • Custom Design Proposal and Process Breakdown
  • Interior Design Proposal and Process Breakdown
  • Detailed Construction Cost and Scope of Work Breakdown (If Applicable)
  • The Role of Sketching, Sun Studies, and 3D Design
  • Zoning By-Laws
  • Lot Grading and Natural Features
  • Custom Home Design Process and Proposal Review
  • Interior Design Process and Proposal Review
  • Permit Timelines
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