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Unlike modern design (1920’s-1950’s) contemporary design is not bound so much by a specific time. When it comes to contemporary home design and construction, the world really is your oyster, though timeless interpretations of this coveted style are all around us.


People are captured by the beauty, vitality, and modern nature of the contemporary style. However, it may also pay homage to wonderful elements from eras gone past – such as that in the Victorian era – through the use of materials or techniques. Contemporary home design and construction also capture features such as simple exteriors, functional spaces, open plan living, clean lines, and architectural detailing that draws clear reference from decades past.


Looking for a contemporary design in your new home, renovation or restoration project?


With inspiration that stems from modern, Mediterranean, European and many other types of construction and design techniques, you can be assured that your home will be as unique as you are when you design and build a contemporary style home. Unlike modern design, the emphasis in contemporary design is rounded edges, bold colours against neutral backdrops, and always focusing on the basics of line, shape and form.


Looking for a cool and sophisticated interior of your home? Consider contemporary style in your home build


Your interiors will see a range of feature pieces – such as one red dining chair at a stone table, with grey chairs all around it – through to striking pendulum lights that offer warm light for dining. Space is vital and as previously mentioned, open concept floorplans – especially in kitchen, living, and dining areas as these will pave the way for spaces defined by light, furniture, and windows rather than solid walls.


When it comes to the design of your contemporary home, you need experts to ensure that not only is the style captured – but that your style is captured. The whole paradigm of the contemporary design is just that, taking the best of days past and adding the futuristic elements that make your home yours.


Sensus Design Studio are expert contemporary design and builders. With a team of qualified architects, interior designers, builders, contractors and developers, we will bring your contemporary home design product – large or small – to life.


From conversion of loft apartments, through to new builds or renovations, our team can offer efficient and strategically designed end-to-end solutions for the delivery of contemporary design. We will see through all project feasibility studies, zoning approvals, local municipal communication, cost reviews, tenders, and design. How do you ask? We have a self-performing construction team, architectural design team, interior design team, engineering team, and the expertise to turn your home design dreams into a reality.


Our processes, communication, and transparency are what set Sensus Design Studio apart. Having open, honest, and transparent accountability every step of the way allows us to offer clients insights into your own process and relieves you of any potential hidden costs. With a clearly defined scope, we can work with you and your family to deliver your Contemporary dream home. We’re proud to craft contemporary homes of distinction.


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