John-Luke Sahlani is a custom home builder, heading the construction division of Sensus Design Studio where he works in lock-step with Jesse Sahlani, the lead designer of the firm. As custom home designers and custom home builders who often work together as a design build team, we focus on new homes, large scale renovations and additions, and historic restoration projects in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Our approach starts and ends with the same sentiment; accurately executing on the unique home design, interior design, and landscape designs that Jesse Sahlani envisions. This approach and passion for the creation of exceptional experiences within the home reinforces our commitment to creating a timeless and cohesively finished product regardless of what category of construction we are applying our expertise to. Understanding the importance of designing a beautiful home and how to properly execute on the design is a unique feature of the firm that both challenges our construction expertise, while pushing our design team to root their unique designs in practical application. Our process and approach as custom home builders is a commitment to construction excellence rooted in a sense of stewardship for every design we create, as we believe every unique custom home we build will characterize neighborhoods in Toronto and throughout the GTA for generations to come.

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Our firm’s real specialty is bringing the designs Jesse Sahlani and Sensus Design Studio creates, and grounding them in application. Unlike most custom home builders, John-Luke and the construction division of Sensus Design Studio works in lockstep with Jesse Sahlani and the design division. This in-house approach puts the construction division of the firm in a far greater position of control over process and access to relevant information that keeps your project progressing smoothly. To achieve this control through the execution of every home we commit to, John-Luke has also built a network of suppliers and subcontractors who provide us with access to some of the best materials and craftsmanship standards from around the world. As the lead custom home builder, John-Luke works very closely with our design division to act as a turn-key design build team in Toronto and throughout the GTA, understanding the desired
finished product and providing material supply and fabrication solutions that uphold the design vision to a high degree. To achieve this we believe that consistent communication and updates are an integral part of our role as design builders. Our ability to organize, internally communicate, and execute detailed home design plans including intricate pre-planning requirements for a range of different features and styles continues to make our firm a convenient solution for homeowners who want a tailored and closely managed experience.

John-Luke also has a deep understanding of the best practice installation methods for a wealth of materials that are design style or historical period specific. This unique passion for timeless custom homes comes from working in
lock-step with Jesse Sahlani, the lead designer of the firm known for his stylistic diversity. Some of his favorite design styles include modern homes, french chateau homes, traditional homes, tudor homes, english cottage homes and a wealth of other unique design styles synonymous with a range of topographically unique regions of the province that include custom cottages, lakehouse design, and villa designs. When we commit to a design and build project, we are committing to seeing through the creation of a luxurious, elegant, and timeless finished product that rivals some of the best hospitality spaces across the globe.


We hope you enjoy the carousel of images taken at an ongoing custom home build throughout the construction process!


1Location Sourcing:

  • Review Available Acquisition Opportunities
  • Review Zoning Feasibility
  • Determine Permit Fast Tracking Approach


  • Design Development
  • Zoning Certificate Approval
  • Code Compliance Reviews
  • Municipal Coordination
  • Construction Drawing Development
  • 3D Models
  • Building Permit Acquisition

5City Planning & Permits:

  • Structural Design
  • On-Site Inspections
  • Construction Drawings
  • Underpinning Design

2Feasibility Studies:

  • Zoning Feasibility
  • Design
  • Interior Design Costs
  • Define Construction Scope
  • Construction Pricing

4Interior Design:

  • Floor Finish Drawings
  • Furniture Plans
  • Lighting Plans
  • Interior Material Selection
  • 3D Modeling
  • On-site Inspections


  • Project Management
  • Transparent Invoicing
  • Interactive Messaging and Scheduling App
  • Weekly Progress Updates
  • Monthly Financial Updates
  • Material Procurement
  • Safety Inspections
  • Delivery Coordination


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